Capital raising

We help our clients to raise capital to finance their businesses. As an independent advisor, we have no conflicts of interest and are able to provide our clients with advice that is solely aimed at providing financing on the best terms available. Due to our extensive experience in corporate finance and company management, we have the ability to develop the most appropriate approach on how to obtain financing for each investment project.

We provide our clients with strategic guidance, locate sources of available capital, and represent their interests in financing transactions.

Mezzanine financing

Mezzanine financing offers a way for publicly and privately held companies to attain financing without going public and potentially ceding ownership of their company. It is a blend of traditional debt financing and equity financing, reaping some benefits of both.

Our mezzanine financing solution and consulting services are aimed at helping mid sized companies expand their access to capital in order to accelerate growth and build value.

Our solution has proven to deliver great outcomes for our clients. This includes delivering the best value on the amount, price, and flexibility of the mezzanine debt raised.

Capital raising
Venture capital

Venture capital

Auctus Capital partners are looking for opportunities for venture capital operations by attracting domestic and foreign capital, increasing the efficiency of the company and further realizing for it. Venture capital is a means of providing long term equity raising to young, fast growing companies.

Private Equity

Auctus Capital has solidified a strong competitive advantage by staffing private equity financing specialists with extensive experience in a wide variety of business industries. The scope of our expertise, along with our large lending power, makes us an excellent financing resource for your company.

The main advantages of this type of financing for the entrepreneur are that the investor:

  • Does not receive regular installments like interest on loans
  • Assumes part of the business risk of the entrepreneur
  • Makes money only when the entrepreneur also makes money

Private equity debt financing with Auctus Capital presents you with two key benefits. First, it gives you access to more capital than your bank is typically willing to finance. This enables you to acquire equipment for your company when the lending from your bank has diminished. Second, private equity financing helps you optimally manage your capital resources.

Private Equity

Private Investors and family offices

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