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Commercial Real Estate

Auctus Capital provides Commercial Real estate sales across Baltic's with a focus on the Riga property market. Our established relationships with institutional property investors and private individuals that own real estate across Baltic's, provides us with access to investment-grade and opportunistic real estate properties that may or may not be for sale on the open market.

We help our clients with:

  • Acquisitions advisory - we represent institutional buyers as well as wealthy individuals looking to invest in real estate across Baltics real estate markets. We often have access to off-market properties, through our network.


  • Sell-side advisory – we represent sellers and help them with preparing the property for sale, as well as reaching local buyers as well as international buyers in Scandinavia and Europe.


  • Sale-leaseback deals – Many companies own real estate because they operate a business that utilizes the real estate as its base of operations or as a facility for the sale of its goods or services. For many companies, it can be beneficial to conduct a sale-leaseback of such real estate assets in order to unlock capital that can be used for other business purposes, such as expansion or exit financing. A sale-leaseback transaction can provide an owner with the ability to set his own lease terms, allow the owner to retain control of the real estate that is vital to the operation of the business.


  • Financing advisory – we can support you with everything from a local bank financing to receiving financing from institutional investors abroad.


  • P2P campaigns – we also advise smaller transactions and help clients to prepare marketing materials and structure deals with leading P2P platforms across Europe. This could be beneficial to companies looking to raise additional capital in exchange for real estate pledge, or smaller developers that don’t qualify for bank financing and are looking for capital to develop new projects.

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