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Auctus Capital advised label printing business SIA Impaks on sale to Italian label group Tikedo.


        At the beginning of October, the Tikedo Group, through Auctus Capital, finalised its first transaction in Northern Europe, acquiring 75% of the shares in the Latvian label manufacturer SIA Impaks. According to Tikedo CEO Vito Giurazza, this transaction is a major milestone in Tikedo Group's growth strategy, strengthening the company's position in the development of wine and spirits labels.
        During its twenty-four years of existence, Impaks has earned an excellent reputation and international recognition in the design, production and distribution of high quality spirits labels. Experience and expertise in a range of versatile technologies including embossing, cold and hot lamination, digital printing, foil stamping and varnishing has enabled Impaks to attract investment from Italian company Tikedo, representing recognition from professionals operating in one of the largest wine growing countries in the world. 
        "We are delighted to welcome Impaks to the Tikedo Group. This transaction represents a major milestone in our growth strategy. Impaks' impeccable reputation and industry expertise make it an ideal addition to our portfolio, and perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing the highest quality label solutions to our customers. As the companies combine their strengths and expertise, we will strive towards innovation, delivering additional value to our customers" said Vito Giurazza, CEO of Tikedo.  
        Impaks is the ninth company in the Tikedo Group, joining six Italian and two Spanish companies. Until now, the Tikedo Group produced 6.5 billion labels annually, generating a turnover of 49 million across 8 production sites, but the addition of Impaks to the group clearly foresees growth for the company.  
        "Our partnership with Tikedo represents an exciting chapter in the company's development. By bringing the resources of the Tikedo Group to the company, we will be able to continue to deliver outstanding label solutions to our customers, as well as expand our reach and influence in Southern Europe," Igor Kokin, CEO of Impaks. 
M&A and fundraising advisory firm Auctus Capital advised Impaks shareholders on the transaction, while drill provided legal advice. law firm.
        "We are proud of the transaction. Although Italian investors are known as real estate developers in Latvia, this is not the typical region from where investors in the M&A sector close deals in Latvia. We see in the future that labels produced in Latvia will also be found in the Southern European market. This transaction opens up new opportunities for Latvian manufacturing to develop and significantly increase production volumes.
        This is the first deal we have been able to conclude in cooperation with the international network Pandea Global. We have been an active member of the network since 2021. Pandea Global currently represents 33 countries worldwide, through which 238 transactions worth EUR 3.1 billion were concluded in 2022," commented Emil Enkhozen, Partner at Auctus Capital.
        Auctus Capital is based in Riga, Latvia. The firm was founded in 2010 by three partners. Auctus Capital are experts in M&A advisory and fundraising transactions in the Baltic States. Auctus Capital assists clients with M&A transactions, corporate strategy and management advisory, business valuation and financial analysis required for successful closing of transactions.

Contact information: 

Emils Enkuzens
+371 25934742

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