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Corporate Finance advisory

Auctus Capital has 10 years of experience providing comprehensive financial services and execution expertise to companies in located Baltics. Our partners have a total of 50+ years of experience in Corporate finance and in the past decade we have helped our clients with Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt & restructuring services, strategy & management consulting, CFO services, conducting market research, specific financial analysis or preparing the necessary documentation to attract EU funding.

When you hire Auctus Capital, we make sure you get a dedicated team for exactly the challenge you need to meet. Our portfolio of clients includes Corporates, Shareholders of the companies, high net worth individuals as well as investment funds across Europe. We build long-lasting relationships that sometimes stretch over several years.

Business valuation

Business valuation is a necessity when planning and managing business transactions.


The main of these transactions are:

  • Acquisition of companies

  • Sale of company

  • Merger with another company

  • Investment attraction

  • Debt advisory

  • Shareholder Buyout

The result of the company's valuation is a valuation report, which provides an insight into the company's performance indicators and creates an understanding of the compatibility of the business plan with the potential to achieve strategic goals.

There are several methods for determining the value of a company, which are  selected individually for each company. Auctus Capital team of professionals will determine the value of the company and, based on client's request, provide further assistance on implementation of the desired transaction.

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