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Auctus Capital advises companies and investment funds throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. Through utilizing our experience and network, we help our clients starting from selecting the right strategy for the transaction to selecting the right partner and negotiating the best possible terms. We align our services to address your needs, all with the goal of building value for our clients.

We help our clients with:


  • Prepare deal strategy

  • Identify key strengths & weaknesses

  • Conduct valuation of the business & set target valuation and price

  • Prepare marketing materials including - financial model, teaser, information memorandum, non-disclosure form (NDA)


  • Analyze the market and prepare a list with potential buyers

  • Initiate contact with potential buyers & conduct presentations

  • Obtain and summarize indicative offers & decide on preferred buyers

  • Arrange management meetings


  • Manage data room & due-diligence process

  • Negotiate terms & conditions of the deal

  • Chose the best buyer & organize legal work

  •  Deal closing

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